ESMTM Technology

Esterase Sensitive Motif (ESM) platform is a unique and validated technology platform for delivering drugs to cells of myeloid origin with exquisite selectivity resulting in improved pharmacology, efficacy and safety for best-in-class drugs for validated targets and first-in-class targets for highly novel targets.

The technology utilizes drug-amino-acid ester conjugates selectively hydrolysed by CES1 (human carboxylesterase-1) which in turn leads to accumulation of charged, pharmacologically active drug in cells of myeloid origin (myelomonocytic cells; monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells) expressing CES1.

ESM Technology delivers:

  • Exceptionally selective small molecule delivery to cells of myeloid origin
  • Versatility with a transferable platform successfully applied to multiple targets
  • Access to optimal candidate molecules and robust intellectual property through the wide scope of chemistry available
  • A highly translatable approach supported by early integration of myeloid cell biomarker data with unique pharmacokinetic profiles
  • Improved safety achieved by selective drug accumulation in target cell populations